Below are some research thesis and essay papers (and one co authored report) that I have written, which I thought may be worth sharing as pieces of writing in the development of my thinking over the years- in case it can be of value to someone. All that time, effort and passion I think should be shared with others in some way shape or form for those who are interested- Enjoy reading! Please note as my thinking has developed and I have learnt new concepts and gained new insights over the years- in hindsight there are areas I would have written or phrased differently (inevitable!) however, I wanted to share them in their original authentic form as they were when they were written (hoping to do justice to the process of knowledge!)

*Please note copyright and referencing laws apply. Al lot of hard work goes into research and writing so if you do find value in anything you read below, do reference correctly following the APA or Harvard style and share it with me as I would love to hear from you. 

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