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There is very little in the way of consistent and holistic support for mother's and mother's to be (particularly Muslim mothers and those from what is considered 'minority' communities) despite their being a plethora of evidence based research now on the bio-neurological and psychological interconnectedness of mother and baby and long term consequences for health. It can feel difficult to reach out for help as well and while there is a shift towards recognising mental wellbeing more, it is still a challenging area to navigate at a sensitive time.  Birth is a most profound experience for mother and baby and father (whose voices are often not heard either), which leaves a lasting impression. As joyous as it can be, it may also be associated with difficulties, depression, trauma, lack of support and numerous other factors. 


There are physical, political, cultural, anthropological, religious, patriarchal and numerous other factors that shape pregnancy and birth and how it happens so subtly that most people do not question the impact on their lives, unless something significant happens that gets people thinking. Currently I am pursuing a PhD in Health Psychology researching Muslims experiences of Birth and Birth trauma. 

Empowering Mother's through Education & Counselling


If you are a mother, mother to be or have concerns about having children in the future there is support available. One of the main aims of setting up Rahmah Wellbeing was to address this area of support, education and empowerment of women to make the choices that best suit their needs, not the needs of society or the imposition of the medicalised model. Also to support and educate men to support their partners and family members. A baby IS affected by how their parents feel both mother and father and will be affected by your emotions and state, which is why it is important to have as much support as possible and to parent consciously. 


  • Are you feeling traumatised after the birth but not able to talk about it?

  • Does it feel unacceptable to grieve for the trauma and pain you suffered? Are you struggling to attach to your baby or vice versa?

  • Are you struggling to conceive? 

  • Are your periods a difficult time?

  • Feeling unsure/unsupported/unprepared?

  • Is your relationship with your partner strained/changed/difficult?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed/tired/exhausted?


Whatever you are feeling you are welcome to arrange a counselling session.


Do not suffer alone or in silence, tell your family or friends if you need support. You can also refer to some articles and links on the blog page.

Did you know...


Delaying cord cutting is critically important in the long term health and well-being of mother and baby. The new born baby should be where possible (and arguably without fail) put on the mothers chest (or held by the father if the mother is unable to) close to the heart BEFORE the cutting of the cord, this allows the child to feel regulated by the heart beat and warmth at a critical point when the life supply and oxygen is about to be cut off after having been part of one organism for 9 months. This can be jarring to say the least and traumatic. Many complications occur due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain at this critical moment. 


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