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Alongside offering Psychotherapeutic Counselling (which is inevitably a response to existing concerns) I also believe strongly in proactive education and sharing knowledge, thinking and reflecting, and continuous curiosity with a sense of wonderment.


I offer lectures and workshops on a variety of topics which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.


I am also particularly keen in increasing and encouraging access to social sciences which can expand the mind and encourage thinking and development beyond the status quo.  I therefore am in the process of developing a course called Rahmah Psychology 101, details of which will be updated soon. 





One of my visions is seeing a whole new generation of great thinkers that are well informed and have worked on their own self development and relationships, which I hope would eventually lead to less need for counselling and therapy and a more healed community leading to better outcomes for future generations.

Lectures & Workshops
Lectures & Workshops
Rahmah Psychology 101
Nurturing thinking!
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